Be Thankful for Ordinary Days

It’s an upside-down idea: Instead of being thankful for the extraordinary events in our life – vacations, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, career high points and diagnostic victories – we should probably be more thankful for what Dr. Edwin Leap calls the “blurry days”.

In these times of mayhem in our world, from war, mass shootings and natural disasters to economic and medical challenges, we need to remember that days that pass by without fanfare or excitement may be the greatest wish of the people in Ukraine, in hurricane or drought stricken towns, in food pantry lines and refugee camps here and abroad.

We need to be thankful that we are as free as we are, that we have days when nothing major happens, when there is electricity, running water, food, toilet paper (remember the early days of the pandemic) and all the things most of us have been taking for granted most of our lives.

But, yes, I will of course give thanks on this day for my family and dear ones, my animal friends, my home, my job, my health and my holiday plans. But, dear God, help me not be greedy for the extraordinary; help me appreciate the little things, the ordinary things, the normal things that so many people don’t have in their lives.

Another Thanksgiving Reflection

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