Progress Note: August 31, 2021

This is just what the title says. All doctors know that a progress note is our way of documenting the development of a diagnostic or therapeutic process. In fact, for the longest time I pictured my default post category, “progress notes”, would be the title of my first book. It will instead be the title of another book later on in my A Country Doctor Writes series.

A commenter called yesterday’s post “the best post of your career”. I won’t try to top that right away today, but will instead take that as a reason to stop and reflect on where I am.

Since I started blogging on April 28, 2008, I have published 818 posts so far before this one. Today I got the announcement from WordPress that I exceeded 500,000 lifetime page views on my blog. I also have broken my previous annual 67,021 view record from 2017. So far this year (10:30 pm 8/30/21), I have had 102,953 page views. And in the month of August 2021 I have posted 29 out of 31 days.

I have posted 19 videos, available on Vimeo and on A Country Doctor Talks (with a permanent link in the MENU), but I may not continue double-posting them on A Country Doctor Writes also.

I have also, finally, activated HOW TO BEAT DIABETES, because there is still too much confusion and misinformation about how to deal with (and cure) type 2 diabetes in overweight patients.

I have tweaked my social media buttons in the sidebar of this blog. I still have a “company page” on LinkedIn and Instagram, but I have redirected my Facebook link to my personal, public, Facebook page. I don’t need to be “friends” with everybody, because I only have that much time to keep up with other people, but if anyone wants to know what this 68 year old Swedish born family doctor working within walking distance from Canada is up to, there it is.

I am a regular contributor, featured on the masthead, of The Health Care Blog and an occasional contributor to The Deductible and KevinMD. My work is often reblogged in Australia. Today I finished an interview with Medscape News (for an article going live on 9/1/21) and I may be writing now and then for them.

I have found, a little bit to my surprise, that the more I write, the more ideas I get for what more to write about.

I’m having the time of my life, doing two of the things I enjoy the most: Doctoring and Writing.

Thanks for keeping me company of my journey.

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